Aircare Whole House

Aircare Whole House Humidifier Review

The console style evaporative single bottle humidifier named as Aircare Whole House is an excellent addition to market by well reputed organization Aircare.  With is white housing it blend quite easily with any decor. The included wick filter ensures safer hydration.

Product Specifications

  • Product Model: AIRCARE Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier
  • Product Dimensions: 20.5” x 21.5” x 14.5”
  • Water Tank Capacity: 3.6 Gallon
  • Operation Type: Evaporative
  • Moisturize Up to: 3,600 sq ft
  • Operational Modes: 3 Adjustable Operational Modes(low, medium, high)
  • Auto Shut-off Feature: Included
  • Control Display: Digital
  • Increase Humidity Level: Up to 43%

This Aircare unit has 3.6 gallon water tank capacity and capable for moisturizing 3,600 sq ft area up to 36 hours. It features an easy to read digital display and 3 different operational modes, you can select most suitable one from them.  Like many other well known units this one also include auto shut-off feature which automatically turns the machine off when it ran out of water.

Convenient Digital Display

As the air in your surroundings is mostly dray so do not expect immediate effect, it will take some time to humidify the air up to sufficient level. Once the air is moistened well you can set the humidity level accurately through digital humidistat.

What makes it Better from the Rest?

This unit moist indoor dry air to 43% more which provide relief and comfort from the problem such as nose bleeding, dry skin, irritation, itchiness and nasal passage. The moist air reduces the pet dander form air which causes pet allergies. Even at low humidity level it is very comfortable, that saves your energy cost much.

  • Single water bottle design and refill hose make refilling easy
  • 6 gallon large water tank
  • Max running time is 36 hours
  • Easy to control digital display
  • Auto shut-off Feature
  • 3-adjustable operation level
  • Saves energy cost
  • Essick Air Bacteriostatic treatment control odour and bacterial growth
  • Wick filter traps all minerals and makes it easy to clean
  • No white dust
  • Wick filter needs to replace every month if used constantly
  • Humidistat is not accurate every time


This Aircare Whole House humidifier is an excellent product and worth the price. Some adjustment before operation makes this Essick humidifier effective and economical for homes and offices as well. Make this product your prior choice if you are searching for something excellent and economical.

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