URPOWER Large Capacity

URPOWER Large Capacity Humidifier Review

Searching for something to improve the look of as well as air humidity level of your room? Then you should give a try to URPOWER Large Capacity Humidifier. This unit uses ultrasonic technology and capable for producing up to 350 ml mist per hour.  It matte black housing and sleek design is a perfect for home decor.  No doubt, this cool mist humidifier is an excellent solution for problems caused by winter season such as asthma or skin allergies.

Key Features

  • Sleek black matte housing
  • 6-feetlong power cord offer convenient reach
  • 3 LED indicating lights for indicating present working conditions
  • Produce mist up to 14 to 24 hours depending on operational mode
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Easiest to maintain and use

This URPOWER comes with 6-feet long cord which makes it convenient to place anywhere. Additionally with the visible vertical window you can track water level. There are 3 indicating lights that tell the present conditions of unit.

  • Green light for high mist level
  • Yellow light for moderate or low mist level
  • Red lights tell when tank water level is low and tank needs to be refilled

For the sake of convenience there is auto shut-off feature which ensures product durability and long lasting performance.

Water Tank Capacity

With the 5L litter water tank it runs up to 14, 17 24 hours for high medium and low operational modes respectively. So you don’t have to disturb you sleep to refill it again, it’ll run whole night constantly with one full water tank.

Sleep Mode

The sleep mode is another excellent feature. With a long press of power button you can enable the sleep mode which switches if the indicating lights and sets the device on middle mist level. You can select one mode from low, medium and high mist mode. And the auto shut off feature ensures that the device will automatically turns off when the water tank becomes empty so there isn’t a chance of overheating and short circuit.

Care and Maintenance

It is recommended to use distilled or boiled water instead of regular tap water. Is the unit is not working well or emitting any water vapours, try to pour the water from the base and then refill it. Even too much water won’t create any problem, just pour out the extra water and the device is ready to go.

As the device is filled upside there isn’t possibility to fill it directly from the top. That make it point to clean the humidifier thrice or at least twice a week.

  • Sleek design and black matte body
  • 5L water tank capacity
  • Sleep mode give much convenience
  • Easy to use single button operation
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Sometime automatically turns off and needs to be restart


As we consider the tank size, sleek design, long lasting operation and convenience in use and maintenance this URPOWER is an excellent product and also add beauty to you house and office with its black matte housing. It produces mist with cool water and relieving and comfortable experience.

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