Vicks FilterFree V4600 Cool mist Humidifier

Vicks FilterFree V4600 Cool mist Humidifier Review

The health issues disturb our daily routine a lot every year.  Especially the clod allergies and flu in winter is not less than nightmares and are really annoying illness which give sleepless nights most of times. There is where the Vicks V4600 Filter Free Humidifier comes in picture. This product is specially designed by keeping user’s ease in mind. This cool mist humidifier helps you a lot to keep the health problems away. In this article I’ll review this Vicks FilterFree V4600 Cool Mist Humidifier. So, it is recommended to read the full article to know more about this.

In the past Vicks was a well reputed brand in the field of medication but now days it is known for manufacturing best quality humidifier around the globe.

Key Features

  • Produce visible cool mist for temporary relief of congestion and cough
  • Filter free: no need to buy or replace filter
  • Almost noise-less in operation
  • Decent soft glowing night light
  • Uses Vick VapoPads to produce soothing menthol vapours
  • Adjustable mist control to get desired humidity level
  • Easy to remove and refill tank
  • Directional mist outlet located on the top
  • With 1.2 gallon capacity operates on 32-33 hours
  • Excellent option for little babies

What does Filter Free Mean?

As name suggests it is filter free—mean it doesn’t require any filter to operate which makes it really economical because you don’t have to replace or buy a new filter over time and it require little bit less cleaning as you don’t have to take out the filter.


It gives you the best value for money, as it is lightweight, compact, noise less in operation and easy to use. All of the above it is quite easy clean and maintain. This Vick compact size humidifier is fully equipped with features and will really help little ones breathing at night.


  • VapoPads: These pads are going to be really handy if you or your little one is sick. Furthermore it can use more than one at a time.
  • Mist Outlet: The mist outlet is located on the top. It is directional and enables you adjust its position wherever you want. It is recommend no to direct it against the wall.
  • Auto-Shut Off: One of the loveable features is auto shut-off. It shuts off automatically if you might forget.
  • Convenient: As there is no filter which makes it cnvenient to clean and maintain. It is recommended to use distilled instead of tap water, it’ll increase its life span.
  • Noise: Some users complain about the noise. Really, it’s not that noisy at all.
  • Helps little ones in breathing at night
  • Compact sized
  • Easy to maintain and use
  • Auto-shut off feature
  • Very little noisy
  • Leave white residue on the furniture if tap water is used
  • Bit noisy according to some users


This Vicks FilterFree V4600 Cool mist Humidifier is an excellent product. It is FilterFree and need very less maintenance and cleaning. This Humidifier is going to be really handy if you or your little one is sick. No doubt, it gives good value for money.

Make this product you choice if you are looking for something really amazing and helpful.

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